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About Taylor Chiropractic

Dr. Jonathan Taylor and his team have provided natural and holistic chiropractic care to the Morristown area since 1992. Our philosophy is centered around providing our patients with the most value and attention possible, and we pride ourselves on being able to quickly get people out of pain. With short, effective treatment plans, we focus on getting you back to your best self as soon as possible. We ensure you’re aware of the nature of the problem, how long it will take, and how much it will cost to get you back on track.

Consistent and Current

After so many years in practice, we have patients from 20 years ago who continue to recommend us. Perhaps this is a testament to the lasting impression our service leaves on our patients. We strive to remain current with the latest treatment protocols, diagnostic tests and care options for our patients.

While the front office is outgoing and talkative, the back office is very Zen and peaceful, which helps our patients feel more relaxed and at ease during their visits. We are aware that people often have fears and misconceptions about chiropractic care, so Dr. Taylor takes the time to remove your anxiety by explaining everything in detail. Our aim is to provide a gentle experience for our patients, and we take pride in providing you with a clear solution to your problem, which helps you feel better immediately.

We know that parking in Morristown is crucial for our patients, and we’re proud to offer ample surface parking outside the medical building, with automatic doors and an elevator for easy access

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